COVID-19 Details

Merle Boddy Centre Reopens for 2021

The Merle Boddy Centre has restored services to clients, after the seasonal Festive break. Rearrangements and deep cleaning have been put in place in readiness for reopening, with essential safeguards and procedures being augmented and updated during the recess.

Whilst restriction for space continues to reduce capacity, the layout ensures that the necessary distancing and mobility for the residents, can be safely delivered. As before, a strict procedure is in place at arrival and before clients are allowed to enter the Centre, with temperature control and a basic health questionnaire compiled for each visitor, each day. The Centre is otherwise closed to all but the clients and the care personnel. Relatives must leave their loved ones at the door on arrival and again can collect at the door at the end of each day.

This rigorous administration and care is obviously for the reassurance of the clients and for the safety of others attending.  The Adult Social Care Department of Norfolk County Council has been very helpful, in enabling the progress to achieve the reopening, with their guidance and reassurance. This has been critical to maintaining confidence and continues to support enablement.

Inevitably, only a few clients can attend each day and they are situated in separate 'bubbles' within the Centre, where each individual has their own table, for their activity programmes and for their own meals service.

The positive response to this continuing service is echoed harmoniously by their families and other friends, as shown so encouragingly on local social media and supported so generously by a wonderful stream of donations. (see our Fundraising page for added opportunity to subscribe).

Now it remains to be seen how and when the service can expand once more, for more clients to return. Hopefully without further restrictions being imposed, but the situation remains somewhat unclear presently. So, we must go forward step by step as conditions and circumstances allow.

Opening Times:
Monday to Friday 9:30am to 2:30pm

Operated by:

Swaffham & District Mental Health Association Limited
(A company limited by guarantee)
Registered in England. Company No. 02956667
Registered Charity 1050124

The Merle Boddy Centre
Station Yard
PE37 7JE

Arrange a taster day at the Merle Boddy Centre on any day. Just call 01760 724527 to make arrangements with the Manager